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Free Mental Health Support for Parents with a Mental Illness
Any Parent with a Mental Illness Can Join
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The weekly Parent Support Group for parents with mental illnesses is the first of its kind in the United States. It is hosted by experienced and caring parents and behavioral health professionals with lived experience  who gently guide the discussion in a healing and supportive direction with a people-first, recovery-centric approach.

Parents join us from many different locations, some with young children at home, others with adult children elsewhere. Callers include both first-time and experienced parents, single parents, foster parents, and grandparents. Whatever their backgrounds, they are unified by their love for their families and their desire to build happy and healthy lives.

The weekly Parent Support Group is accessible by telephone or from the web. Parents may join the call as frequently or infrequently as they would like and may choose to remain anonymous or to introduce themselves to the group. No registration or commitment is required, but for many parents, the group becomes a vital part of their support system and a consistent part of their lives.

Every Wednesday
3-4 pm pacific / 6-7 pm eastern

Every Saturday
1-2 pm pacific / 4-5 pm eastern 
call toll-free: (888) 601-3515
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For More Information, contact Child and Family Connections, Inc.
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