LGBTQ Resource Center

The Office of Social Equity is compiling an array of material’s that pertain to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) issues to better serve the VSU community on the diversity of its students, faculty and staff. These resources include DVD’s (Films and Documentaries), magazines, handbooks, guides, literature, and many other assorted resources to educate everyone on the LGBTQ Community. The Center is located in the Office of Social Equity and has an area to sit and read a guide or book as well as a large screen TV to watch any of the films available.

The Center is open as long as the Office is open, therefore following Valdosta State University’s regularly scheduled business hours. All materials are available to be checked out as well for faculty, staff, and student-organizations to be used for discussion and education personally and in a group setting.

If you have any suggestions as far as resources to add to the LGBTQ resource center please send us an email here in the office stating what you feel should be included and we will attempt to accommodate the request.
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