Electric Bill

Since 1989, the Public Utility Commission (PUC) has mandated that major gas and electric utilities waive their monthly service charge for customers over age 65, who own their homes, and earn less than $12,000 per year

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program will open on November 1, 2016 For the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) that assists seniors with their electric bill.

Colquitt Electric
​(229) 244-6893 
Customer Service – 800-342-8694 

Georgia Power
(229) 259-0786; 
Customer Service – 888-660-5890 

Senior Discount
Georgia Power can waive or lower certain fees and costs for low income customers. For example, one service can reduce the monthly base charge on a customer’s account (which is $14.00 for electric and $10.50 for gas) and in effect waive these costs. This assistance is in place for senior citizens and customers who are at least 65 years old and who are also considered low income.
(229) 259-0786; Customer Service – 888-660-5890

I understand the Senior Citizens Discount provides a discount of up to $18.00 for the metered service each month and up to $6.00 for the fuel cost recovery. It does not apply to sales taxes.

To qualify for this discount, I state under oath and under penalty of perjury that the following is true and accurate:

  • I am sixty-five (65) years of age or older.
  • My total annual combined gross household income does not exceed $23,340.
  • The electric service account at my primary residence is in my name.
  • I will only request the Senior Citizens Discount at my primary residence.

Call 1-888-660-5890 [option 8] for more information

With FlatBill you’re never surprised with your electricity bill because it remains the same for an entire 12-month period.

Simply enroll in the FlatBill plan and your monthly bill is the same for one full year. No rising bills during summer’s heat or winter’s cold. Just one flat amount. Best of all, the FlatBill dollar amount is customized and takes into account your actual past electricity usage and expected weather for the upcoming 12 months.

Your FlatBill offer includes an additional amount in order to guarantee no change in your payment due to summer’s heat or winter’s cold, changes in electricity rates or fuel prices, or any changes in your electricity usage. Your customized FlatBill takes into account your past electricity usage, expected weather for the upcoming 12 months, and predicted changes in usage.

At the end of your 12-month FlatBill period, you’ll receive a new offer for the next 12-month FlatBill period. This offer shows a new, updated amount based on your actual usage for the past 12 months and projected usage for the next 12 months if you choose to continue with FlatBill. There’s no true-up settlement or deferred amount to pay. That means no surprise payment at the end!

Early cancellation Information
This FlatBill offer is guaranteed and will not change over the 12-month period. However, if you withdraw from the FlatBill program prior to the end of the 12-month contract period, you may be required to pay an additional amount. Specifically, if the amount of electricity you actually used results in a billing amount under the residential rate that is greater than the amount for which you have been billed under the FlatBill program, you must pay that difference.

The decision is yours. Regardless of fluctuations in the weather, fuel prices, or changes in your household electricity use, you’re assured a consistent monthly electricity bill that lets you budget your monthly expenses. Sign up for Georgia Power FlatBill today!

For more information on FlatBill, to see if you are eligible, or to enroll in this rate plan, please call 1-888-660-5890 (24 hours/7 days a week).

Lowndes County

Salvation Army
320 Smithland Place
Valdosta, GA 31601
 (229) 232-4724

Lowndes Area Crisis Care
601 N. Lee St.
In the Social Services Bldg (Leila Ellis School)
In the offices where L.A.M.P. used to be next to the Community Soup Kitchen.
Tues. & Sat. 9-12 PM
By appointment only.  Call:
(229) 506-5540
Leave a message.  It may take a couple of days, but the call will be returned.
Serves: Lowndes and surrounding counties

St. Francis Center
520 East Mary Street,
Valdosta, GA 31601
The Center is open Tuesday- Thursday from 10 AM till 2 PM.
Call the Center to find out when they have funds for utility bills.  They start giving out numbers at 8:30 AM.  Lines often start forming at 4 AM.
(229) 242-8656