Military Veteran

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Caregiver Support Line has developed informational handouts that help you understand and prepare for aging. The handouts are (1) Negotiating the Emotional Milestones of Aging, Illness and Caregiving; (2) Starting the Conversation: Advanced Care Planning; and (3) Understanding Long Term Care Options. More resources are available on the on the VA Caregiver Support website.

My VA Health App 
Big News for Vets!!!! After decades of our military taking care of us, we now begin effectively taking care of our military.

“If you are a Veteran enrolled in VA health care, the My VA Health App allows  you to access your official VA medical record and enter information about your health. With the app, you can store contact information and health and military histories, as well as record your wellness goals, monitor your mood and create entries about a variety of health topics. You can also set reminders about appointments or to create new health entries so you remember to track your health.  


  • Store military and occupational history 
  • Reflect on values and goals, and rate your state of health and wellness 
  • Create appointment plans, store medical history, and record symptoms and medical events 
  • Enter and track health items (e.g., diet, exercise, glucose) 
  • Set reminders for appointments, medications and more 
  • Receive notifications from VA based on data in the app 
  • Store health care, personal and insurance contacts and record when you last communicated with them 
  • Assess your health and rate your hospital and outpatient care 
  • Save files related to your health or military service 
  • Create a report from data in the app ” ​

There is a site for veterans:     
A site for professionals:     
And a site to download all apps:  

Understanding a Veteran with PTSD

Online courses designed for servicemen and women who oftentimes face unique challenges when leaving active duty and readjusting to civilian life.