Food Stamps (EBT)

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Food Stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
If you need to apply for food stamps (EBT card) the preferred method is online at: or call Customer Support: ​1-877-423-4746 .  Or  you can go to the site for further information. 

If you are over age 60, Senior SNAP is a simplified application process designed to make it easier for seniors to receive SNAP benefits. For elderly/disabled individuals who cannot be present at a DFCS office, an interview may be completed by telephone.
Download the Simplified Senior SNAP form by clicking below.


Are You Getting All of the Food Stamps Allowed by Law?
Are you aware that you can deduct medical expenses like eyeglasses, hearing aids,dentures and even transportation and lodging? Download this list, keep all of your receipts, document the mileage and keep accurate notes throughout the year in order to deduct medical expenses on your food stamp renewal.


If your EBT card is lost, stolen or damaged or call 1-800-421-3281When will I receive my SNAP benefits? 

This chart shows the SNAP Benefit Issuance Schedule. 
Find the last two numbers of your Client ID and then 
look across to find out the day of the month that your 
SNAP benefits will be available on your Georgia EBT 
Peach Card. 
If your”     You will receive 
Client ID     your SNAP 
ends with     Benefits on the 
00-09     5th day of the month 
10-19     7th day of the month 
20-29     9th day of the month 
30-39     11th day of the month 
40-49     13th day of the month 
50-59     15th day of the month 
60-69     17th day of the month 
70-79     19th day of the month 
80-89     21st day of the month 
90-99     23rd day of the month 
Keep your EBT card even if you are no longer 
receiving benefits. It may be used in the future. 

To make changes to your SNAP case, contact DHS or go online to … 

Lifting the Food Stamp Ban for Felons
Effective July 1, 2016, Georgia will lift the permanent disqualification (ban) on individuals, who after August 22, 1996, were convicted of a felony related to the possession, use or distribution of a controlled substance (i.e. drug felons).  This means these individuals are no longer disqualified from the Food Stamp Program and are potentially eligible for Food stamp benefits effective July 1, 2016. If a drug felon has been incarcerated and is released from prison, then they may become eligible for benefits if they remain compliant with the general and special conditions of their parole or probation. If they are noncompliant with the terms of their parole or probation, they will become ineligible for Food Stamp benefits. Please share with those who may be interested.