Domestic Violence / Abuse

Georgia Legal Services Program (GLSP)

Albany Regional Office
131 W. Oglethorpe Boulevard
P.O. Box 2578
Albany, Georgia 31702
(229) 430-4261 or
TDD 1-800-255-0056
GLSP provides free language interpretation to non-English-speaking callers.

Albany / Valdosta – The Albany/Valdosta office has a special focus on domestic violence cases, expanding services to under served rural counties, keeping children in schools and targeting Latino communities. It also houses part of the Elder Law Project and a Spanish-speaking attorney practices from there. The office serves 29 counties with more than 166,000 potentially eligible clients. Staff includes six attorneys and three paralegals.

Computer/ phone apps can make you aware of abusive relationships!
There is a new App called MyPlan. This new App from One Love Foundation called the MyPlan App is a quick way to judge the danger level of your relationship. It is a free download, anonymous and password protected. You can download it online at

There is also another new App that helps the public and law enforcement regarding elder abuse called the Georgia Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (GANE) App. The GANE App allows quick access to reporting and resource agencies, applicable laws related to crimes against elderly and disabled persons, a link to report missing adults, screening tools to assess abuse and neglect and a host of other valuable resources. The GANE App has two components. One is for law enforcement and the other is for the general public. It is available through Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Click here for the android app.Click here for the Apple app.

​You can also download the Intimate Partner Violence information.below

The Haven – Sexual Assault Program

The Sexual Assault Program offers crisis intervention and advocacy services to victims of sexual assault.
All services are free and confidential.
24 hour toll free Crisis Line 
229- 244-1765
Service area: The Haven serves a nine County area is that includes Lowndes, Brooks, Colquitt, Echols, Berrien, Cook, Lanier, Clinch, and Atkinson counties.

Purpose and Goals 
The purpose of the Haven’s Sexual Assault Program is to provide a full range of services for victims of sexual violence, primarily through a 24 hour Sexual Assault Response Team and Prevention Education.
It is our goal with the Sexual Assault Program to ensure that the physical and emotional needs of sexual assault survivors and their families are met. The Haven’s Sexual Assault Advocates strive to treat each person with dignity and respect throughout the recovery process, while providing advocacy services and community referrals. 

Sexual Assault Services
Crisis Intervention 

  • 24 Hour Crisis Hotline 
  • Victim Support And Empowerment 
  • Support Groups 
  • Advocacy for victims including support throughout the investigation and the criminal justice system 
  • Assist with filing for financial compensation 
  • Accompaniment to the hospital for emotional support and material needs 
  • Training to Medical Personnel & Law Enforcement on psychological reactions and needs of the victims
  • Prevention training for a risk for at-risk populations 
  • Community Awareness & Prevention Education 
  • Support Team on 24 / 7 
  • Secondary Victim Services 
  • Individual & Group Counseling 

General Tips for Reducing Risk

  • Set Sexual Limits.  The sooner you communicate firmly and clearly your sexual intentions the easier it will be for your partner to hear and accept your decision.
  • Be assertive on your dates.  Do not do anything you do not want to just to avoid disagreement or unpleasant interaction.
  • Maintain control of your comfort level.  If you feel things are getting out of control, be loud in protesting, leave or go for help. 
  • Use a confident voice and body posture.  If you want the person to stop, look directly at him or her and say, “NO” in a firm voice. 
  • Trust your intuition.  If you feel uncomfortable, scared, or pressured leave the situation.
  • Avoid secluded places.

Emergency Shelter 
The Havens Emergency Shelter Program is a comprehensive program designed to help victims of family violence transition into successful, independent living. 
All services are free and confidential 
24 hour toll free Crisis Line 
229- 244-1765.

Purpose and Goals 
It is our goal at The Haven to provide victims of family violence with the necessary information, resources, support, a protected head start and supportive follow-up to complete the transition out of a violent lifestyle and into a successful, independent living. The Haven has facilities to shelter 22 people. The facility and toll free crisis line are staffed around the clock, 365 days our year.

While in the shelter facility, victims and their children are provided with food, clothing, medical and mental health referrals when needed, crisis intervention service, life skills, re-education, referrals job for job training or placement, legal advocacy, individual /group support and more. 

  • Support Groups meet twice daily to help identify dysfunctional patterns and promote non-violent options for family interaction and parenting. 
  • Advocacy services provide supportive assistance to the victim who must file police reports, attend hearings or obtain arrest or enforcement information. Haven staff will accompany victims, their request at their request, to help ensure the victims safety and comfort. 
  • Transitional assistance is provided through referrals to social services agencies, financial aid, legal assistance, education, housing, and preparation and placement. 
  • Emotional groups support groups and enrichment activities are provided through the Children’s program to all children who stay in the shelter. The Children’s Advocate works closely with the children to ensure a smooth transition into his or her new lifestyle.

Prevention Education 

The Haven’s Prevention Education Program provides training on healthy relationships and risk awareness with the goal of preventing relationship violence and sexual assault.  

Purpose & Goals 

The purpose of the Prevention Education Program is to promote healthy relationships and risk awareness with the hope of presenting relationship violence and sexual assault.

it is our goal to provide asset adolescents and young adults with the education they need to make healthy relationship decisions and equip them with the skills necessary to reduce the risk of the sexual assault of sexual assault.  We believe everyone deserves to be in a healthy relationship and while you can’t control the abusive behavior of others, you can take action to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Safe Dates Curriculum

Safe Dates is a research based dating abuse prevention program consisting of five components:

  • Nine sessions* dating abuse curriculum 
  • Play about dating abuse 
  • Poster contest 
  • Parent material, including a letter, a newsletter, and the Families For Safe Dates program book. 
  • Program evaluation questionnaire. 
  • Curriculum can be pared down to 4 or 6 sessions.

The Goals of Safe Dates are to: 

  • Raise student’s awareness about what constitutes a healthy relationship. 
  • Raise student’s awareness of dating abuse and its causes and consequences. 
  • Equip students with the skills and resources to help themselves or friends in abusive dating relationships. 
  • Equip students with the skills to develop healthy relationships dating relationships, including positive communication, anger management, and conflict resolution. 

Prevention Education Service 

  • Healthy relationships using Safe Dates Curriculum 
  • Warning signs and red flags of dating abuse 
  • Developing a safety plan 
  • Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)
  • Identifying abusive behavior 
  • Staying safe in social situations 
  • Providing support to a friend in an abusive relationship 
  • Communication skills for resolving conflict 
  • Identifying and avoiding dangerous situations 
  • College campus safety 
  • Post assault care options and resources