Handicap Accessories

Give Tech

Computer tools designed specifically for those with severe physical disabilities allow for increased self-reliance and a vastly enhanced computing and Internet experience.
GiveTech’s goal is to provide such technological tools to those in need.
GiveTech does not give away computers; rather we give away input devices that allow people with quadriplegia to use computers.
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Brake and Accelerator Hand controls

Handicap Automobile Car Truck Hand Control Portable Adjustable 100% Aluminum 

  • Portable. Fits in many suitcases, ideal for traveling and moving from one vehicle to another
  • Lightweight. Made of high strength aluminum makes it sturdy and lightweight
  • Adjustable. Fits most vehicles with automatic transmissions. One lever works the accelerator and the other one the brake pedal.
  • One hand control. Keep one hand on steering wheel at all times and control the gas and brake with the other hand.

TNT Portable Hand Controls 
Product description
TNT Portable Hand Controls, Making for the Ease of Driving!! Fits Most All Cars, ATV’s or anything with Accelerator & Brake Pedal for the Physically Challenged Person.

  • Product features
  • Portable Controls
  • Ease of Installation
  • No modifications needed to car to install

Lightweight, T6 Aluminum

Wheelchair Ramps

Social Services Database Inc does not recommend or endorse the following ramps.  They are presented to give the reader an idea of what is available.  Need a ramp for a elderly or disabled person? 
Southern Georgia Regional Commission
Area Agency on Aging
 Call to be screened for help:
1-888-73-AGING (1-888-732-4464)  
Visit Lowe’s Home Building Supply to see their wide collection of Wheelchair Ramps.  Click here to be taken to that department.

Would you think of Walmart as having wheelchair ramps?  Click here. Click here for a partial selection from Amazon. Discount Ramps has free shipping on many of their ramps.  Click here.