United Hospice
United Hospice has been providing palliative care both in the home and in a care center setting since 1993. 

Services begin and end with compassion and the preservation of dignity and comfort. Resources are available to patients 7 days a week, and include certified professional consulting on pain management, wound care, pharmaceutical care, and advanced clinical nursing. Quality of life treatments such as palliative radiation and chemo, blood transfusions, and IV Therapy are covered services. United Hospice also has an on-call policy that allows patients and family to call for a visit from an RN when conditions change—because we believe in hands-on assessment and not a slew of questions over the phone. This on-call process is just part of the proprietary UniGuard Program delivered to each patient as a way to prevent unnecessary re-hospitalizations. 

More about United Hospice

  • Weeknight, weekend, and holiday admissions·         
  • Centralized intake available for all referrals·         
  • New referral response time of less than two hours·         
  • Increased accuracy and flow of information through electronic medical records·         
  • Language interpretation services available for all nationalities·         
  • Bereavement support services for the patient’s loved ones as well as the Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Hospital staff ·         
  • A non-profit affiliate, United Hospice Foundation, which provides scholarships, hardship grants, and bereavement support initiatives to community members and staff. ·         
  • Acceptance of all hospice eligible patients regardless of ability to pay

Jamie Baltrus, 
Community Relations Representative
(229) 242-1187