Medical Transport

Georgia Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation Program Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is provided to Georgia Medicaid Members who require Medicaid healthcare services and have no other means of transportation. 

This is a shared-ride service. Therefore, it is possible the Member may be riding with other Members picked up at your location or other locations nearby.

One adult escort or attendant may accompany a Member if he or she has the same origin and destination as the rider. These arrangements must be made when you call for transportation.

Southwest Region:

All transportation requests must be for Medicaid Members who possess a current Georgia Medicaid identification card.

Information We Will Need When calling to make transportation arrangements, please have the following information ready for the Customer Service Representative:

  • Member’s name as it appears on their Georgia Medicaid card
  • Member’s telephone number
  • Destination facility’s name and address
  • Member’s home address (including County) on file with Medicaid
  • Members social security number, Medicaid number, county of origin and month of eligibility
  • Member’s date of birth
  • The Member’s room number (for stretcher patients only)
  • An emergency contact person with phone number for the Member
  • A destination contact person with phone number (where the Member is going)
  • Type of service required; ambulatory, wheelchair or stretcher. (If the Member has an electric wheelchair, other mobility device or an escort, please be sure to specify that information.)

Canceling or Changing Transportation Arrangements. If transportation arrangements need to be changed or cancelled, please call your Customer Service Representative as soon as possible. We prefer a 24-hour notice.

Important Transportation Provider Notice Transportation providers are ONLY responsible for the transportation, loading and unloading of Medicaid members. Any additional activities are the responsibility of the facility. Transportation providers are not required to remain with the member. The drivers will wait for a Member at the agreed upon location for ten minutes only unless you make other arrangements with them on a case-by-case basis.

Therefore, be sure to tell our customer service representative exactly where the Member will be waiting on the first floor (with the exception of stretcher patients). The driver will wait for the Member in this specific area only.

Please ensure the Member is ready when the driver is scheduled to arrive in order to expedite transportation.

How to contact us:
Southeastrans, Inc.
4751 Best Road
Suite 140 
Atlanta, GA 30337
(678) 510-4600 – Telephone

MIDS Non-Emergency Transport
Transportation must be reserved 3-5 days in advance.